4. Bristoe Station - Battle of Bristoe Station

On the afternoon of October 14, 1863 both armies were approaching Bristoe Station.  Advancing down Vint Hill Road, A. P. Hill stopped on top near Harris Teeter.  Looking north, Hill spotted the Federal V Corps massed near Milford.  Believing them to be the tail end of the Federal army, Hill ordered his leading division commanded by Henry Heth to attack.  Because of a lack of cavalry and terrain, Hill could not see the advancing elements of the Federal II Corps. 

After driving back the V Corps, reports of Federal soldiers along the Orange and Alexandria Railroad.  Still believing that he was engaging with the rear elements of the Federal army, Hill ordered Heth to wheel his division and attack the railroad.  Unfortunately Heth's division became separated and only half his force (two brigades) attacked.  Beset with mounting causalities and Federal reinforcements, the attack failed.  The Bristoe Station Campaign had reached it's crest.

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